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Looks like another perfect day: California Cobb Macaroni Salad

If you receive this post as an email and want to watch the video below, click on the post title, “Looks like another perfect day” and you will be taken to the blog website. Sometimes the email version doesn’t contain … Continue reading

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Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Houston is complicated: “You’ll cry when you arrive, you’ll cry when you leave.” I cried when we arrived but I doubt that I’ll cry when we leave. Houston is hard work: the traffic, the sprawl, the weather, the traffic—all make … Continue reading

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Birth of the Cool, Part 2

Loved this story sent to me by my friend Bob, in response to the “Birth of the Cool” post, about his Midwestern exposure to art and jazz.    “Had my little mid-west mind blown away when escaping a rather bleak … Continue reading

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Visitors are drawn to Portland. With a population of just over 600,000 residents (approximately 400,000 could be defined as eccentric), the city is large enough to offer a world-class transit system, a thriving business environment (after all, Nike headquarters in … Continue reading

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  Hard to choose.    In the late 1980’s when LA chefs were newcomers to the New York-dominated culinary world, bumper stickers in Seattle warned Southern California visitors, “Don’t Californicate Puget Sound” and greeted them with “Welcome to Seattle, now … Continue reading

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Teacups and tilt-a-whirls

A group new to me, recommended by my granddaughter. Now where were we? When last we spoke, I think my sweetie and I had just fallen down the rabbit hole of cancer. I fully intended to keep on keepin’ on, but … Continue reading

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