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In the know? Buttered onion tomato sauce

I try to keep up on current trends, listen to music on Spotify, know who Ilana and Abbi are, watch the news (well, right there I’ve committed myself to the geriatric group), and read Buzzfeed but I fear that I’m falling … Continue reading

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The boys in the back: Sopa de Guajillo

If you receive this post by email, to listen to the video below while reading just click on the post title, “The boys in the back”.   Freddy Fender and Ry Cooder, The Borderline      “Le disparé cinco veces, … Continue reading

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Six degrees of Julia: Zucchini rice casserole

The theory that any two people on earth can be connected within six steps works in the restaurant world as well as in show biz. Using this equation, I’m connected to Julia Child by two degrees of separation. My old bosses, … Continue reading

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Hooray for Hollywood: Marinated skirt steak

Speaking of Sheldon Adelson, living in Los Angeles put the Sweetie and me in the celebrity drop-in zone. Although we never became famous or never hung out with cool movie folk—heck, we never knew anyone who lived in a house … Continue reading

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On Second Thought: Spicy glass noodle salad

If you have the time, watch this Anthony Bourdain episode featuring Thailand and Pok Pok’s chef/owner, Andy Ricker. Sorry about the distorted form. Well, maybe Portland is worth the trouble, Pok Pok certainly was. If Seattle is a Puget Sound … Continue reading

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There’s no free lunch: Chinois Chinese Chicken salad

Could life have been this innocent in the 80s? I spent over twenty years working in restaurant kitchens where the swearing and sweating in the back of the house creates the illusion of ease and elegance in the front of … Continue reading

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Working the line: Stuffed Seafood Grenoblaise

Working the line Personalities are bigger than life in the food biz. Gordon Ramsay, the foul-mouthed Brit, bombastic Emeril Lagassee, grim-faced Greg Achatz—the kitchen is no place for the timid. The tools of the trade tell all: sharp knives, hot … Continue reading

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Teach your children: Cassoulet

I’ve been waiting to use this song for eight years now.  Getty Images Sorry all you children out there, but I think a reality TV show that features “Junior Chefs” much less “Master Junior Chefs” is ludicrous. I have no … Continue reading

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  Hard to choose.    In the late 1980’s when LA chefs were newcomers to the New York-dominated culinary world, bumper stickers in Seattle warned Southern California visitors, “Don’t Californicate Puget Sound” and greeted them with “Welcome to Seattle, now … Continue reading

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