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There’s no free lunch: Chinois Chinese Chicken salad

Could life have been this innocent in the 80s? I spent over twenty years working in restaurant kitchens where the swearing and sweating in the back of the house creates the illusion of ease and elegance in the front of … Continue reading

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Working the line: Stuffed Seafood Grenoblaise

Working the line Personalities are bigger than life in the food biz. Gordon Ramsay, the foul-mouthed Brit, bombastic Emeril Lagassee, grim-faced Greg Achatz—the kitchen is no place for the timid. The tools of the trade tell all: sharp knives, hot … Continue reading

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Teach your children: Cassoulet

I’ve been waiting to use this song for eight years now.  Getty Images Sorry all you children out there, but I think a reality TV show that features “Junior Chefs” much less “Master Junior Chefs” is ludicrous. I have no … Continue reading

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  Hard to choose.    In the late 1980’s when LA chefs were newcomers to the New York-dominated culinary world, bumper stickers in Seattle warned Southern California visitors, “Don’t Californicate Puget Sound” and greeted them with “Welcome to Seattle, now … Continue reading

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