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Correction/addition to my post today

I left out an important word in my sentence about deaths in our extended family. The sentence should have read: There were two deaths in my extended family this week: my daughter’s long-time dog friend and my friend’s younger brother. Sorry for … Continue reading

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Notes from the hunker bunker: Strawberry Jello Pretzel Salad

Rest in peace, Bill Withers. If I were another kind of person, I would miss the whirl of my social life—but there never was much of a whirl. I do miss seeing my swim lane friends, chatting with Judy, swimming … Continue reading

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Shelter: Ranger cookies

If I were a different kind of person, I would have us listen to You’ll Never Walk Alone, but instead, here’s the Rolling Stones and Gimme Shelter. Shelter sounds so much more pleasant than confine. Shelter evokes a cozy fire, at least … Continue reading

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Hunker down: Biscuits

Stevie Wonder, Love’s In Need Of Love Today I’m not much of a baker—takes more discipline that I am usually able to muster. That said, when I wanted to make Irish soda bread to eat with corned beef and cabbage but … Continue reading

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Customer Service: Oxymoron? Curried red lentils with sweet potato and spinach

Sade, Smooth Operator Not long ago I ranted about my inability to open almost any new purchase, from eyedrops to garden snippers, without drawing blood. Today’s rant is about customer service. To begin with, I think ad men should come … Continue reading

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Dive bar or neighborhood tavern?: Iowa tavern sandwiches

You’ve just gotta listen to this week’s music video.  Blake Shelton Garth Brooks, Dive Bar I ate my first enchilada in the late 60s at the Half Moon Inn. The Half Moon, three dramas short of a dive bar, was a … Continue reading

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Sound Food, the beginning: Chocolate Mousse Pie

Crosby, Stills, Nash, Teach Your Children A girl can always use a little money of her own. It was 1973, I was bored, new to Vashon, and wanted a job. Choices were slim—my previous work history consisted of picking currants for … Continue reading

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Moving toward the light: Braised short ribs

Ignore the grey skies, never mind the cold stream of rain that trickles down your bare neck, go ahead and order those lettuce seeds—we are definitely leaning toward the light. It’s been a month now since the winter solstice, there are … Continue reading

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Adventures: 2005, 2020

Roberto Griego Arriba, Musica Nuevo Mexico Fifteen years ago, the Sweetie and I took a long, circular drive from Eugene to San Diego, Tucson, El Paso, San Antonio, New Orleans, Savannah, Myrtle Beach; then turned left and went home through … Continue reading

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2019, the Year of the Baby

On our block, 2019 was the year of the baby. In July, my great granddaughter Jane was born, then came our friends Bill & Glenda’s grand nephew, and in November, Ginny’s daughter Claire had Eleanora. They are all healthy, happy, … Continue reading

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