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Oh, the places she’ll go: Pound Cake

“You’re off to Great Places Today is your day The Mountain is waiting So…get on your way!” Dr. Suess, Oh, the Places You’ll Go She talked in sentences at eleven months and ran before she walked. Born with a beautiful … Continue reading

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Art Institute of Chicago

  Although I was only a ten-minute Red Line ride away from the Art Institute, I put off going until our last week in Chicago. Home to a permanent collection of 300,000 works of art and more than thirty special … Continue reading

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Too easy? Southwestern Chipotle Macaroni Salad

I didn’t have a clothes dryer until my son was born. My daughter, the first born, wore diapers that swished around in a washer on the back porch until I decided they were clean enough, put them through the wringer, … Continue reading

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Every Brilliant Thing: Salmon rub, Vegetable pilaf

HBO’s documentary Every Brilliant Thing is a one-man play about a young boy’s attempt to cure his suicidal mother’s depression by creating a list of “everything that was brilliant about the world, everything worth living for.” In the play, the actor gives … Continue reading

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In the swim: Strawberry rhubarb upside down cake

I’m swimming in local waters again—the pool at the Lodge is a few minutes away and if I time my visits, I can avoid the aerobic bouncers who take over the pool five times a week for six hours a … Continue reading

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An old

This morning, I hooked my bra in the front (cups to the back), spun it around, and put my arms through the straps. Now that may not mean much to you, but to me it’s another sign that I am … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast

In the late 1980s, the Sweetie and I watched the television series, Beauty and the Beast—a fantasy/romance/crime drama about the relationship between noble Vincent, the man/beast who looked like a lion, and beautiful Catherine, the smart, successful Manhattan lawyer. Vincent … Continue reading

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Holi, the Festival of Lights: Cauliflower or Potato Pea Curry

   In November 1998, after twenty hours in the air and a two-hour layover in London, we walked out of the Mumbai airport into a hot, sultry night and were immediately surrounded by a push of taxi drivers vying for … Continue reading

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Brush up your Shakespeare: Italian Wedding Soup

I wish I could say that I read Shakespeare when I don’t have to—I would seem so much deeper. Maybe it’s the language that looks artificial to my shallow, modern eye or maybe it’s the discipline of reading rhyme, but … Continue reading

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Fat Tuesday, Paczki Day

  If you were with me in Houston, you may remember kolaches, those fruit and cream filled Czech pastries so popular in East Texas—here in Chicago, it’s paczki. Last Tuesday was Paczki Day—picture, if you will, a plump donut made … Continue reading

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