2019, the Year of the Baby

On our block, 2019 was the year of the baby. In July, my great granddaughter Jane was born, then came our friends Bill & Glenda’s grand nephew, and in November, Ginny’s daughter Claire had Eleanora. They are all healthy, happy, and adorable.

On another note, I read in the Huff Post that Oxford English added the word “listicle” to its official dictionary. Apparently we love to read lists: they tell us which movies to see, what our new favorite food will be, where and when we should retire, the best ways to find a man, the United States’ worse airports, New York City’s best ramen shops, the grocery stores we love, the top twenty signs that a relationship is doomed, the ten things every child should know before they go away to college, which breed of dog suits us the best, and the worse financial mistakes we are currently making.

I am certainly not about to tell anyone what to do or to give any advice, but here are a few of my favorite things, my not so favorite things, and the ones we miss.

Here are a few of my favorite things: swimming with music ears, sleeping in a cold room with a warm Sweetie, strong morning coffee, salt in a wooden box, my new warm, wooly bathrobe, quilting like a miner, good neighbors, the NHK network, the New York Yankees, a gas fireplace, the full moon’s light in the middle of the night, morning chats with my sister, Newman’s fish & chips, Claire’s focaccia, our new Bob/Norm trellis, my beautiful Linnae calendar, peanut butter/cherry jam toast and TJ’s buffalo ghee.

Not so favorite: customer service, our current President, robocalls, on-demand water heaters, the Washington Nationals, the red-headed weather girl on Channel 13, Alabama football, gluten-free, driving to Seattle, hard-to-open packages, an appointment with a new dental hygienist, visual field tests, Facebook, neon orange street lights, al dente pasta, selfies of me, and  Gordon Ramsey.

Ones we lost in the 2010s and will always miss: Tommy, Nikki, Tracey, Ted, Rita, Mary, Dinah, Jack, Gracie, Bodie, Sadie, and others.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said sweetie, love the new lattice fencing, great job Bob/Norm!
    And I love your mining photo! We love you both , glad to be in conversation with you any ole time! Hugs, and more hugs, p

  2. Ilka Hampton says:

    Happy New Year Marla

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