Moved and shaken: Beer Bread

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Moving is impossible. My life usually revolves around a routine: 6:00 am—straight to the coffee machine, 8:00—underpants in a bag for the morning swim, 1:00—a secret snooze disguised as meditation, baseball at 5:00 pm, horizontal by 10:00. Then one day there are cardboard boxes in every room, plastic bags full of clothes for the Goodwill, and a constantly full garbage can. All sense of order is gone: Who moved my knife! What happened to the duct tape? Where’s the coffee? Why did you pack the scissors? When will this be over? Confusion reigns, the sky is falling. 

The first phase was orderly and organized: one pile for the road trip, one pile for the temporary rental, and one pile for the ultimate residence—all clearly marked “R”, “T”, or “L.” The second purge showed faint signs of loosey goosey: a down vest wrapped around Normie’s bowl, books tucked in with canned goods, flips flops bookending jars of preserved lemons. In the end, hysteria reigned: dogs and cats living together, prescription drugs hidden beneath dish towels, tax forms wrapped around the coffee cups—any empty box quickly filled, higgely piggely, with whatever was on the counter. If only we had an x-ray machine so I could find my electric toothbrush.

But in the end, the mover guys moved our stuff without drama (Well, there was that incident of the bed frame that refused to fit through the door) (and, oh yes, they did have to completely rearrange the storage space to squeeze in the futon) for only three times what we thought it would cost. 

The chaos has been replaced with a calm, empty space that no longer belongs to us.


Why did I wait and give someone else the benefit of a clean refrigerator?

Clean and empty

Here’s the Buddha, draped and stuck in the storage unit with an unknown leg.

The buyer insisted that we leave our portable air-conditioner.

When we got to the first stop on our road trip, I found a box of Trader Joe’s “Beer Bread” jammed in the suitcase with my pillow—a perfect example of serendipity. 

TJ’s Beer Bread

  • 1 box TJ’s Beer Bread
  • I beer
  • Butter
  • Cheese

Open box, pour beer into large bowl, add contents of box, add grated cheese, stir gently, scrape batter into greased loaf pan, pour melted butter on top, bake in 350° oven for 50 minutes.

We ate it warm with andouille sausage and seafood gumbo—well worth $1.99.


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4 Responses to Moved and shaken: Beer Bread

  1. Barb says:

    Awwwwww. My dear Marla. I have moved so many times and could never say it better. It’s very unsettling but you will have your routine back and you will have a clean perfect home to live in I hope you don’t worry while you travel around on your mini vacation. All will be well again. Your a trooper. Love you Bara

  2. Ginny says:

    That’s my leg

  3. Jim says:

    I walk by every morning and see an empty place shades open walls bare and Marla’s car out front could it be nope just parked while your gone. See you soon and in 6 months it will be like it never happened. Except you’ll still be unpacking. Love Jim and Maria and Woofer

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy travels!

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