Conversations with a stranger

This is my new favorite song, heard during the credits of a Horace and Pete episode, sung by Dion (of Runaround Sue and Abraham, Martin and John fame) and Paul Simon. If you receive this post as a Word Press email, click on the post title to see the video.

Conversations with a stranger are inevitable, if you are:

Walking a dog 

Holding a baby

Riding the bus dressed as a clown

Knitting in an airport or a doctor’s office 

Lost downtown in a strange city, struggling to unfold a map

Stuck in an elevator

Eating in the diner car of an Amtrak train

Wearing pink Ugg boots, John Belushi bee antennae, a fedora (just think of the Twitter fuss Bob Costas started), or reindeer horns

Sporting a black eye

Waiting in a long returns line at Costco

On a long, nighttime Greyhound trip

Hobbling on crutches with one appendage wrapped in a blue cast

On a crowded bus when an agitated person starts yelling

Taking the Metro to the repair shop, carrying your broken regulator clock. (This one is mine. Seat mate said, “Wouldn’t it be easier to carry a watch?”)

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  1. Ginny says:

    Love the use (or non use) of color in the video. Of course it would be easier to wear a watch, but then you’d miss wry comments of strangers. I just had a lovely conversation with black leather jacket guy as I was picking up trash on the beach.

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