The long wait

Listen to Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” by clicking the post title, “The long wait”

There must be a word for that feeling we experience, directly after a period of intense anticipation, when desire is still strong, but the waiting is over:

The cool rush of air-conditioning after a long, hot walk to the store

Biting into that bulgogi taco after starving in an endless food truck line

Hearing the voice or seeing the face of a loved one you’ve been waiting for and worrying about

Peeing after the movie is over

Seeing your bus coming down the block 

Rinsing the dirt off under a cool shower after spending an August afternoon in the garden

Slipping under clean sheets and closing your eyes after a long sleepy drive on a dark, rainy, freeway

The descent into the hottub when a long day’s work is over

The dimming of the lights and the beginning of a movie at the end of those interminable trailers

The night before that first day off at the end of a long string of working days

The first gulps of cold water after a hard workout

The return of silence when the leaf blowers are finished

Finally seeing San Diego’s “Green flash” sunset after years of pretending

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2 Responses to The long wait

  1. Ginny says:

    Did you really see the green flash? I’ve been watching sunsets for years in anticipation!

  2. Beth says:

    here is another good anticipated experience that I just read in an Alexander McCall Smith book (The Novel Habits of Happiness)- the feeling of anticipation experienced in waiting to hear something that a friend is about to tell you, but that you currently have no idea about.

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