Santa Barbara: Expect charm

The sweetie didn’t expect workplace charm when he started the EHR project in June; but in Santa Barbara, charm is mandatory. In 2012, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital completed the $300 million Phase 4 of their in-patient facility replacement. The hospital’s architectural design combines traditional Santa Barbara Spanish colonial stucco and red tile with 21st Century medical technology.

Sculpture, murals, and paintings from Central Coast California artists fill the halls of the new wing. 

Scenes of Santa Barbara, Deanna Pini, Mosaic Tile Mural 

 Mural.jpg Mural.jpg Mural.jpg Mural.jpg

Follow Through Your Dreams, Larissa Strauss


Bridge in Japanese Garden, Laurel Sherrie

Meadow at Botanic Garden, Mirella Olson

Tahlulah, Marti Goldstein

Symbols of Joy, Hope and Fulfillment, Sandra Kay Johnson


Courtyard and garden areas


The art and garden spaces offer patients, visitors, and employees a quiet place to relax and recover, a rare commodity in a stressful hospital environment. 

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  1. ️Monica Lejeune says:

    Hi Marla! This hospital is beautiful! I love your photos.
    Hope you and your sweetie are well.
    Monica at commencement bay dentistry ❤️

    • Anonymous says:

      Monica, thanks for the comment. We’re back home for a while and so teeth and I are looking forward to seeing you soon. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. Kathy says:


  3. Barbara says:

    Very very beautiful

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