California gold


Today is our last day in Santa Barbara/Goleta, tonight we’ll be back home for good. I’ve done some and seen some, the Sweetie has mostly worked. We’ve loved the weather, the beaches, the koi at the Bunker, the Bougainville and oleander, our easy walkable access to the basics: TJs, thrift stores, Asian markets, The Family Discount Store. We’ll embrace the Puget Sound rain, our families, seeing color on the walls again, a decent coffee machine, my kitchen tools, the sound of trickling water, healthy trees and plants, comfortable chairs. 

 Things I’ll miss:

  • Swimming in an outdoor pool
  • Sunshine every day
  • The thump of the LA Times on the doorstep at 6:00 
  • In-N-Out Burger
  • Watching the sunset from the hot tub
  • The downy woodpeckers that live in the palm trees across the street

Things I won’t miss:

  • Our apartment’s ugly, beige wall-to-wall carpeting
  • The yapping dog across the street
  • Speed maniacs that race up and down Encina Road
  • The intermittent smell of hamburgers that wafts over from the restaurant behind the alleyway
  • Goleta residents’ strange habit of warming up the car before it’s driven
  • Montecito residents whining about their landscaping if a lawn-watering ban is mandated
The koi at the Bunker.
The Allan Herschell Carousel at Chase Palm Park, Stern’s Wharf 
Ojai Valley
Our view on Encina Road
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