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California gold

  Today is our last day in Santa Barbara/Goleta, tonight we’ll be back home for good. I’ve done some and seen some, the Sweetie has mostly worked. We’ve loved the weather, the beaches, the koi at the Bunker, the Bougainville … Continue reading

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“Lawn, it’s the new fur”, Southern California’s water wars

If you receive this post via your email and want to watch these two videos about water, separated by 69 years, click on the post title, “Lawn, it’s the new fur*” Sons of the Pioneers, 1947 Tuneyards, 2016 *Fur phrase … Continue reading

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Man on a bike

As I turn out of the driveway on that first pre-dawn morning, I don’t see the bike coming down the street and almost run into him. I think about the near-miss for the rest of the day and look carefully … Continue reading

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Sushi, poke and burritos, Oh my

It all started when my friend Bob texted me about his attempt to eat at Pokirrito, San Diego’s latest must-eat restaurant—”line too long, went home.” Once again, I am the last to know. Poke and sushi burritos are the hot foodie fad … Continue reading

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Fun in the Funk Zone

“Funk”: 1) a strong, offensive smell, probably derived from the French word funquer—to give off 2) music that combines elements of rhythm and blues and soul music and that is characterized by a percussive vocal style, static harmonies, and a strong … Continue reading

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