Didn’t it rain

Most of Houston is located on gulf coastal plains, built on marshes, swampland, and prairie, with Downtown standing less than 50′ above sea level—flooding is a recurring problem. Our apartment sits on Brays Bayou, which runs through the Texas Medical Center and is one of four major bayous passing through the city, into the Gulf of Mexico. Out our windows, we see blue herons creeping along the floor of the bayou, elegant white egrets, swooping swallows, and primordial brown pelicans.

Monday morning, after a dramatic, night-long thunder and lightening storm, we could hear the usually docile bayou rushing along but couldn’t see anything in the dark. I dropped The Sweetie off at work under a heavy downpour, drove back home on streets covered with water, and looked out the windows to see the bayou over its banks, creeping toward the streets. 

Brays Bayou two weeks ago


Brays Bayou Monday morning       


We are the lucky ones—people have floated themselves to safety in rubber rafts and empty refrigerators, walked to dry patches in water up to their armpits, and waded down flooded streets holding babies above their heads. Life in Houston relies on car traffic, so with most of the freeways, exits, side streets, and off/on ramps flooded, the city came to a standstill. Brays Bayou is back in its banks this morning and our drive to work was uneventful. For the unlucky ones, today will bring tow truck drivers, insurance adjusters, water pumps, building contractors, day care alternatives, and long transit waits. 

Thanks to our friends and family for checking in with us.

Man rescuing an armadillo?




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3 Responses to Didn’t it rain

  1. Therese says:

    Wow! Thanks for the update! I have been traveling so much I had not heard this news. Glad you are both safe.

  2. Becky Ehrlich says:

    Terrible, glad you are ok.

  3. Patricia Curtis says:

    Wow this brings thing into perspective! So happy you are safe and so sorry for all the families suffering from this flooding😔

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