Bus shorts: Polkadoodle

When you’re sitting next to a clown on the bus, do you acknowledge or ignore his/her clownness?” I chose to address the elephant in the room, “So you’re a clown—how’d that happen?”


“Polkadoodle”, a pre-school teacher who loves clowns, had walked the length of the Portland Rose Festival Parade with her clown companions and was on her way home. She wears clown T-shirts, sleeps on clown sheets, tracks her days on a clown calendar, and bought a clown hat for her dachshund. (She showed me the picture.) When a teacher friend asked her if she would like to join the Character Clown Corps, without hesitation, she said yes.

After a short stint in clown school, an advisor helped her create a costume and choose a personal trademark, polka dots, which she wears on every inch of her outfit and dispenses freely. By the time she left the bus, all the riders, the driver, the seats, and the poles sported polka dots.


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