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Working the line: Stuffed Seafood Grenoblaise

Working the line Personalities are bigger than life in the food biz. Gordon Ramsay, the foul-mouthed Brit, bombastic Emeril Lagassee, grim-faced Greg Achatz—the kitchen is no place for the timid. The tools of the trade tell all: sharp knives, hot … Continue reading

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We’re going where? Sound Food Clam Chowder

Living the good life on the lower left coast: sun shining, upper 60s, slight breeze, working on my tan out by the pool. Phone rings, “We’re going, where?” Yes indeed, gentle reader, the Sweetie took a job in Boston. Boston—record … Continue reading

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Chasing the pancake: Spicy tonkatsu red ramen

Knitting with ramen noodles   No sooner had we Costcoed up on boxes of Clif Bars and Sweet ‘N Saltys, cases of Talking Rain and V8, and bags of frozen shrimp and naan bread when construction problems delayed Sutter’s EHR Go-Live from May … Continue reading

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Bus Shorts, Bangladesh: Shrimp with coconut cream

When I got to the bus stop, he looked up and scooted over, making room for me on the bench. “We’re both old”, he said, “We need to watch out for each other.” Soon, we both scooted over, making room … Continue reading

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Can we talk? Shakshuka

Come on Bridg, you know you want to dance around the breakfast table to this Manhattan Transfer song. Long before cellphones radiated our brains and FaceTime showed us intimate details of our friend’s faces, analog phones were central characters in our lives. I … Continue reading

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