Teacups and tilt-a-whirls

A group new to me, recommended by my granddaughter.

Now where were we? When last we spoke, I think my sweetie and I had just fallen down the rabbit hole of cancer. I fully intended to keep on keepin’ on, but couldn’t get the words out, didn’t want dwell on the elephant in the room, hesitated to expose private details that weren’t mine, lacked the good cheer to put on a happy face, or all of the above. So now chemo and radiation are over, we can fade to the happy ending, put our traveling shoes back on, and blog to our heart’s content. Bob is back at work and I’m back scratching my head trying to figure out WordPress technology. So if you’re up to it, let the food tasting, toe tapping, and bus riding rev up again.

There are neither teacups nor tilt-a-whirls in this entry, but those words came to mind as I struggle to learn this #%^*!%@! (Is that how you spell it?) WordPress. I started out with a no-frills look for the blog (plainer is easier) but as I figure this out, the appearance will spiff up, I hope.

Loved seeing this sign this spot close to the hotel. City Cafe was the first Feniger/Milliken restaurant, opened in 1982.

Loved seeing this sign in a spot close to the hotel. City Cafe, opened in 1982, was the first Feniger/Milliken restaurant.

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2 Responses to Teacups and tilt-a-whirls

  1. Lara says:

    Hip, hip hooray!!! She’s back

  2. Patty says:

    Love that you are back on the road again!

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