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Fusion, Part II: Bibimbap

Korean food has not been at the forefront  in the rush to embrace all things foodie. Kimchi, that condiment of pungent aroma, is a love/hate dish. Bibimbap is a thing of mystery to the uninitiated. Once, when presented with a … Continue reading

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  Hard to choose.    In the late 1980’s when LA chefs were newcomers to the New York-dominated culinary world, bumper stickers in Seattle warned Southern California visitors, “Don’t Californicate Puget Sound” and greeted them with “Welcome to Seattle, now … Continue reading

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Tracking the great Pupusa: Border Grill Salsa Roja

Exploring on foot is an adventure; the slower you travel, the more detail you see and the more interaction you have with your fellow travelers. Our hotel sits beside a large vacant lot, across from a business park, and near a strip … Continue reading

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Teacups and tilt-a-whirls

A group new to me, recommended by my granddaughter. Now where were we? When last we spoke, I think my sweetie and I had just fallen down the rabbit hole of cancer. I fully intended to keep on keepin’ on, but … Continue reading

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